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What is a "Green Renovation"?


It involves making changes to your home using green (healthy for you & the environment) materials & products that are as effective & durable as (or even more than) their conventional counterparts that provide these seven major benefits:

Improved Health - Proper ventilation and materials & products that contain no/low VOC's (volatile organic compounds) or formaldehyde improve the quality of indoor air, which research has shown to be more harmful than outdoor air.

Increased Comfort - High efficiency materials & products and proper sealing of ducts & cracks ensure balanced ventilation, greatly enhancing indoor temperatures & air quality.

Lower Utility Bills - Energy Star products, insulation, caulking/sealants, low-flow plumbing & more help maximize heating & cooling cycles and reduce the need for water & electricity to light, heat & cool your home.

Less Maintenance - High quality materials & products require less maintenance & experience less wear & tear over time, lasting longer than conventional materials.  This reduces resource use & saves you time & money over the life of your home. 

Increased Home Value - If you decide to stay in your home, the cost savings & improved quality of life cannot compare to a conventionally built or remodeled home.  If you choose to sell your home, you can feel confident that the green upgrades will increase your home's value.

Green Savings - Using energy efficient products & materials can qualify you for green financing, rebates & tax credits.

Less Impact - Reducing waste & emissions & conserving natural resources creates a healthier environment for all of us & leaves less of an impact on our planet.




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Going Tankless

Going tankless – the wave of the future?
Wtih increasing energy costs, it could become a great selling feature for energy conscious home buyers.

How it works

Tankless water heaters are about the same size as a briefcase and heat water entirely on demand, only when it is needed. 

Advantages of going tankless

The typical savings are 20 to 40% over natural gas and 30 to 50% over electric.

Tankless water heaters provide an unlimited hot water supply for an entire house and allow for back-to-back showers all day long, 24 hours a day if you wish.

The reduction of power consumption in the household can have a positive effect on the environment.

For more information about tankless water heaters visit the E-Tankless web site at or Get Tankless at

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